Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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America’s most dangerous twins: One murdered a 70-year-old woman by reversing her car off a bridge with her inside before setting fire to a family’s home, then killed a prisoner while the other stabbed a wrestling opponent.
Biden AND Trump will visit the border on the same day: 2024 rivals to clash in Texas during crisis that has seen 7.3 MILLION migrants enter since Joe took office and just days after illegal immigrant ‘murdered’ student jogger

Murdered UGA nursing student Laken Riley was killed while jogging ‘by illegal Venezuelan immigrant who was released from CBP detention because of overcrowding’
Astonishing video shows Florida honors student, 13, calmly chat to 911 operator after ringing to say he’d MURDERED his mom as she slept weeks after she gave birth to baby girl

Mom of Texas 11-Year-Old Shares How She ‘Failed’ Murdered Daughter

Heartbreaking detail reveals final moments of 16-year-old girl murdered on dream trip to see Taylor Swift concert
Six disturbing words said by the parents of a mother of five murdered in a suspected murder-suicide at the shocking scene, as neighbors recount the chilling screams coming from the house.

Hundreds of people march towards the Russian embassy in London following the death of Vladimir Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny, “brutally murdered by the Kremlin” in a political prison.
US Embassy in Bahamas issues travel warning to Americans as 18 people are murdered ‘in broad daylight’ in January