Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Amanda Vanstone thought she’d seen everything during a lifetime in politics – until she saw Barnaby Joyce lying on the footpath. Now she’s got a scathing message for every Aussie who thinks it’s OK
Meet a boomer who thought she’d be retired by now but wants to help her millennial son: ‘I’m not going to sit back and watch him not be able to go buy groceries’

Maryland Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks wants to boost ‘first chances’ so the economy can thrive. She’d also like to see the filibuster gone.
Love Island SPOILER: Georgia S makes a surprise confession to Tom about her feelings, before telling Callum that he’s “the only one she’d like to spend a night in the hideaway with”.

A Gen X woman bought a crumbling 1890s manor. She thought she’d be done restoring it a year into the project, but the work kept coming.
After an elderly woman won $2 million from Powerball, her first thought was that she’d have to cancel her hair appointment

Nikki Haley has 24 hours in New Hampshire she’d rather forget: Bizarre moment a NINE-YEAR-OLD compares her to ‘flip-flopping John Kerry’ after she was forced to clean-up Civil War comments
Homeless woman ‘who shot dead Hollywood social justice advocate because he was friends with female director she’d been stalking’ is seen in court

Ex-Google researcher says there’s more chance she’d go back to Google than join OpenAI’s board
Jemele Hill felt ‘betrayed’ by Charissa Thompson admitting she made up quotes from NFL coaches as fellow reporter Tamara Brown claims she’d be ‘unable to get another job’ as a black woman if she did the same