Wed. May 29th, 2024

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Trump again mixed up Obama and Biden during Virginia rally speech
Donald Trump claims Biden’s border policies are a “conspiracy to overthrow America” ​​and claims Democrats want to “incite” immigrants to vote in 2024 in a fiery speech at a rally in Virginia.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Makes Bizarre Apology Speech After Misgendering Trans Lawmaker
Virginia lawmakers to sharply limit “alarming” number of patrol dog attacks on state prisoners

Retired Virginia couple presumed dead after three inmates from Grenada jail escaped and stole their catamaran as ‘copious amounts of blood’ found in their bedroom
Michael Ian Black: West Virginia Republicans Want to Throw Librarians in Jail

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Virginia High School Admissions Race Case
Arlington, Virginia, gave $500 to 200 low-income families with no strings attached. It helped them catch up on bills and quit second jobs — but many still struggle with housing.

Bill Decriminalizing Drug Test Strips in Opioid-Ravaged West Virginia Heads to Governor
Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Biden rally in Virginia