Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

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Nick Offerman Calls Out ‘Homophobic Hate’ in Awards Acceptance Speech
Confider #96 Top Messenger Exec Accused of Homophobic Slur, Katie Roiphe Hired Scandal-Tainted Editor at NYU?

Rylan Clark reveals he woke up in the back of an ambulance with a fractured skull after shocking homophobic attack
New College of Florida Dean Cracks Homophobic Jokes in Baffling Comedy Routine

UFC Star Viciously Attacks Reporter During Hate-Filled Homophobic Rant
The next wave of OpenAI could include “uncomfortable” homophobic comments, Sam Altman says just days after marrying her husband, but the latest technology will stop short of hate speech.

Michigan Tech University professor is slammed for blasting conservative students as ‘childish, stupid, homophobic, dumb, racist twists’ after they constructed mock Berlin Wall to commemorate 34th anniversary of its fall
Big Brother’s Trish breaks her silence after vile ‘racist and homophobic’ social media posts resurface – as she is pulled from the ITV show

Man Indicted For Setting Arizona Church Fires Acted Out of Sexist And Homophobic Views, Federal Prosecutors Say
Rep. Gosar’s Homophobic Sunday Rant Is Deranged—Even for Him