Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

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    Hot seat reshuffle!  Allison Langdon’s replacement on A Current Affair has been officially announced, less than a year after she joined the show as a new host.
    Mitt Romney thought Sean Hannity was ‘consumed’ with trying to be like Tucker Carlson — but wasn’t as smart as his fellow host: new book

    Whoopi Goldberg, The View host, battles to conceal her panic during ABC news correspondent’s live report from Israel, disrupted by unexpected ‘security incident’
    Sarah Ferguson Wants to Become a Chat Show Host: Report

    Fox Host: Why Didn’t Biden’s Unity Message Stop the Jacksonville Massacre?
    Wisconsin radio host, 41, has double mastectomy and ovary removal due to cancer risk

    Fox News Host: Why Try to Save Earth When Afterlife Is Real?
    Trisha, British talkshow host, pays homage to Jerry Springer following his passing at 79 due to cancer.

    Jerry Springer, Legendary Talk Show Host, Dies at 79
    Far-Right Host: I’ll Pay for Twitter Blue to ‘Show My Support’ for Elon Musk

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