Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

    Tag: killing

    The San Diego man who opened fire at a dentist’s office, killing one, was a disgruntled former patient and used a gun purchased just two weeks earlier, police say.
    Machine guns and combat aircraft aren’t enough to stop Ukraine’s drone boats from killing Russian warships, general says

    Moment ‘dishonest’ RSPB guard is filmed ‘torturing’ sick bird by stepping on its tail before killing it by hitting it with a stone
    Twin killing? Identical sisters hatched plot to switch places in deadly crash that killed two Amish children, aged seven and 11, leaving Minnesota cops stumped at who was behind wheel in fatal wreck

    Inside the ‘putrid’ prison conditions celeb-chasing cop Beau Lamarre-Condon will be forced to live in after allegedly killing Channel 10 presenter Jesse Baird and his boyfriend Luke Davies
    Lady Gaga Superfan and Celeb Blogger Turned Cop Charged With Killing TV Host Ex and His New Lover

    Massachusetts Man Accused of Killing His Wife Sentenced in Art Fraud Case

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