Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

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Democratic longshot and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson announces she is BACK in the White House race after beating Dean Phillips in the Michigan primary and after 100,000 voted against Biden in protest
Dean Phillips finished 4th in a 2-person race in Michigan, prompting Marianne Williamson to unsuspend her campaign

Magician with fork-bending world record says Dean Phillips consultant paid him to make fake audio of Biden
Dean Phillips says it’s ‘absurd’ that Amy Klobuchar is running for reelection while comparing himself to Liz Cheney

Lauren Phillips rubs shoulders with celebrities and socialites as she enjoys a day at the Australian Open.
Dean Phillips Pleads With Audience to Pay Attention to Him at Democratic Fundraiser

Desperate search for New Zealand father Tom Phillips and his three children who went missing more than two years ago is approaching a remote area where they are believed to be hiding
Dean Phillips floats a Cabinet post for Musk or Ackman

Lauren Phillips shares baby joy after KIIS FM presenter banned from breakfast radio: ‘Our hearts are absolutely full of love’
Democratic challenger Dean Phillips signs onto ‘Medicare for All’ bill