Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tag: seconds

US sailors on a front-line destroyer in the Red Sea sometimes have just seconds to open fire on enemy missiles
Taylor Swift’s 53 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl is worth about $12.4 million

Hacker reveals how easily he can steal all your data from your iPhone and empty your bank accounts: ‘It takes ten seconds’
Gondola in sixty seconds: Venice installs radars on its CANALS after a series of fatal accidents

China’s critics and allies have 45 seconds each to speak in the latest UN review of its human rights.
People are just waking up to the terrifying reality of what would happen to the Earth if it lost oxygen for just five SECONDS.

Can YOU spot the pinwheel fireworks? Only those with eagle eyes can find three circular explosives in just 30 seconds
Can YOU spot Santa? Only those with 20/20 vision can find St Nick in just 17 seconds

South Korean students are suing their government for ending a college admissions exam 90 seconds early
NASA just used lasers to stream an ultra-HD cat video from deep space. Watch the clip, which took just 101 seconds to travel 19 million miles.