Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

    Tag: impeachment

    The wife of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may be one of the jurors in his impeachment trial — which could dive deep into his alleged extramarital affair
    Ken Paxton’s impeachment revealed how divided far-right and moderate Republicans in Texas have become, political scientist says

    Trump slams Texas ‘RINOS’ over Paxton impeachment effort
    Texas’ GOP-held House set for impeachment proceedings against AG Ken Paxton

    Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Biden Impeachment Articles
    Closing arguments in Trump’s impeachment trial

    Dylan Howard identified as key witness in Donald Trump impeachment case
    Lindsey Graham: Impeachment will help Trump win the White House again

    Mayorkas: GOP impeachment threat is baseless
    Mayorkas says he’s done nothing wrong: Says Republican calls for his impeachment are ‘political’

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