Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Colin Amatto: the killer dog who mauled the hero to death while saving a mother and her little girl ‘ripped the flesh’ of a real estate agent in another brutal attack
Sam Smith puts on a VERY leggy display in a bizarre tartan ensemble before donning a ripped gothic black dress for the Vivienne Westwood show at Paris Fashion Week.

Cricketer Nathan Lyon and his wife Emma arrive in Sydney with their rarely-seen child after secret pregnancy – as doting mother shows off her post-baby body in ripped jeans
Laura Ingraham: My Podcast Bosses Ripped Me Off a Million Bucks

Prince Harry ripped a poster of his grandmother the Queen off the wall of an ‘underground’ Chelsea club so she ‘couldn’t watch him partying’, Paddy McGuinness claims
Building COLLPASES in the Bronx as dramatic footage shows families’ homes ripped open after six-story complex crumbles

Mother is found still cradling her toddler son, 2, after deadly tornadoes ripped through Tennessee killing them both: Floridema Perez and Anthony, along with Arlan Burnham, 10, and father-of two Joseph Dalton are also among six killed by raging storms
Arlan Burnham, 10, is among the six people killed when powerful tornados ripped through Tennessee leaving another 83 people hurt

Wild video shows monster tornado barreling through Tennessee and causing huge EXPLOSION – with many feared dead after twisters ripped across Kentucky and Mississippi, trashing homes, tossing cars, downing power lines
Love Island’s Gabby Allen shows off her ripped figure in a tiny tie-dye blue bikini as she enjoys a holiday in the Maldives.