Mon. May 27th, 2024

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Erling Haaland endears himself to jubilant Man City supporters by hilariously recreating the Poznan celebration on the pitch after his late goal completes comeback derby win
Alex Rodriguez admits he got his WILD tan from falling asleep in the sun while on vacation – with fans hilariously comparing him to Donald Trump, Ross from Friends… and a baked potato!

SAG Awards 2024: Billie Eilish hilariously signs Melissa McCarthy’s FACE in bizarre moment – as actress reveals singer’s mom was her improv coach while she was expecting her
‘Madame Web’ Is More Hilariously Bad Than Everyone Predicted

Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie is “very sweet” and she and the Eagles star “are great mates”, it is claimed… after she hilariously told her husband to “get his ass back” on the VIP suite during your shirtless session.  Antics in the Chiefs-Bills game
Fox News Hilariously Tries to Spin Nikki Haley’s Slavery Flub

Andrea McLean, 54, strips naked in the shower as she and husband Nick Feeney, 51, hilariously recreate an ICONIC Christmas movie.
Relieved David Njoku hilariously reacts to Bears’ Haily Mary attempt by revealing he almost ‘shit himself’ before Browns win.

Daily Show Hilariously Mocks Fox’s NFL-Style Coverage of Israel-Palestine
Nathan Lane Hilariously Mocks Will and Jada’s ‘Separation’